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SubjectRe: Rediscovering the PSX Reply to this message
Posted byParatech
Posted on08/18/08 04:29 AM

I play Playstation games on the PC unless there are compatibility issues.

> The Wii was stolen by the girlfriend.
> The XBox stopped working after I moved it, the Spiderchip must have lost some of
> its retarded solderless contacts and I am too lazy to open it and fix it.
> My PC can barely run UT2003, and nobody would play with me anyway.
> So, after some casual R-Type Delta, I decided to go back to PlayStation love,
> went to my parents and took back all the dusted PSX games.
> Some jewels are there: Tekken 3, Soul Blade, Gran Turismo 2, R-Types, G-Darius,
> Street Fighter Alpha 3 (with all the secret characters unlocked by my old
> savegame!), Einhander, Harmful Park, Thrill Kill, and then my favourites:
> Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, Silent Hill, Syphon Filter, Metal Gear Solid (got from
> you CA brothers years ago), Parasite Eve 1&2...
> Playing the PSX now feels a bit like playing the emulated NES 10 years ago :) Or
> maybe it's the 40" LCD TV... I'd enjoy some SuperEagle filtering for those
> jaggies, but this is the real deal, with earthquake-like rumble on the
> controller (the XBox and Wii rumbles are a joke, compared to this).
> My ISP is working hard to get me the stuff that was recorded on shitty Princo
> discs that are now unreadable. My bad, and I'll never go Princo again to save
> some cents. Finding PSX stuff is not as easy as I thought, since most of it
> comes embedded in EBOOT.PBP files to be fed to the PSP and I still haven't
> researched a way to extract the ISO from them. However, the most popular stuff
> can still be found, sometimes in a zip together with ePSXe (why not pSX???), and
> even some less known games find their way in some trackers. If this lasts, I'll
> plunder the fair we get in december where originals are sold at 3 euro, but
> meanwhile...
> This was just to tell all of you that I'm having great fun!
> And that's pretty all.

The new and improved King of Lamers 2003!

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