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Subjecti would just buy a new machine for him. Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on10/23/08 10:19 AM

Install it, make a image of the hdd with something like norton ghost, and then keep it safe, everytime something messes it up, just restore it.
use something like crawler parental control to block access to harmfull sites and porn. (be aware that crawler parental control shuts smbservices (transfer files between network computers)).

but thatīs just me.

> I am looking into a solution to allow my son to use the computer (probably going
> to make him his own) but anyways. I let him play on mine and he loves it. The
> only thing is I am worried about him deleting shit and getting into stuff he
> shouldn't. Along with browsing porn/getting viruses and shit. He is only 3 (4 in
> december) years old. I though maybe a limited windows user would work and maybe
> some vista tweaks to remove things like the run command and all that good
> stuff... Any ideas?
> I found this thing called magic desktop which runs in windows... i remember
> using this thing in school way back when that had a moc desktop looking thing
> that was totally kid friendly.
> I know i could also do a VM or something along those lines so if it gets jacked
> i just copy over the jacked VM with a fresh copy but was wondering if any of you
> have ran into this situation.
> I don't want to limit him completely from using windows so that he gets familiar
> with how it works and such.
> Just Another Miller
> 2E2X1.net
> TeamDrunk.net

one can never destroy the power of evil

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