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SubjectRe: some more options Reply to this message
Posted bySilentAce
Posted on10/23/08 07:36 PM

Definately windows... seeing as thats the operating system of choice for the foresee-able future. I will use firefox with ad block and spybot. As for installing himself he will only be 4 in december so i don't think he will grasp that concept yet. Thanks for all the info though

> First option is do you need Windows at all?
> Ubuntu is very user friendly. Downside, it's not Windows so he may think Win is
> a piece of crap when he has to use it :-)
> Then I've done a lot of magic recoveries on old PCs using Spybot and Ad-aware.
> They can install some protection scripts that help prevent some damage.
> Removing IE and forcing to use Firefox is a very good idea. I would install
> adblock as well with an automatic subscription for filters.
> I would also remove any chat programs (MSN, AIM, etc). He's probably too young
> to use them but just in case. Some of these can run in a browser.
> Maybe captain obvious but turn on automatic upgrades in WIndows...
> Not running as admin helps but some programs will attempt to get root
> privileges.
> Spybot has a tool called TeaTimer that detects if changes are attempted to be
> done to the registry.
> For games you could run emulators (consoles and DOS games). Bit old but he'll
> have a big library that is portable to any system.
> Last but not least maybe let your kid install the PC... if he learns how to do
> it then he can wreck it all he wants and fix it :-)
> [download a life]

Just Another Miller

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