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SubjectRe: on the other hand Sierra is nice Reply to this message
Posted byParatech
Posted on12/22/08 10:47 AM

> I just found out on Gamestop that Geometry Wars: Galaxies is sold at 10 Euro. Is
> it THAT bad?

I like Geometry Wars very much on the Wii, but I hope you have a classic controller to play it, as I hated the Wii mote on that game. I paid $22.49 for it used.

I played Grid Wars 2 (by Mark Incitti) for PC and it rules, so I'd
> love to have something like that for the Wii (2P action!).

I forgot it has 2 player support.

>I already got myself
> Raving Rabbids 2 & TV Party for Xmas, but I'm not gonna let this one slip away.
> I wonder what should I get next: Okami or Wii Music. Or maybe Metroid Prime 3
> Corruption. Or maybe... nothing. Full price games are fucking expensive, but
> that would be a real problem only if I had more time to play :P
I like Metroid, but that's me, I heard Wii Music wasn't very good. I haven't played the other game, maybe Vampire Hunter or someone else has...?

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