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SubjectRe: agree 10 fold Reply to this message
Posted byAlyas
Posted on01/09/09 11:31 PM

> If GH:WT is for kids then why is rock band guitar mode so easy?

For me, I think gameplay-wise, GH is more for kids. But as for difficulty, you're right, Rock Band is easier. Which I think is a good thing, actually. Back when RB1 came out, Harmonix even said that they were trying not to make the game very difficult because they wanted to be accessible to everyone, not just the hardest-core gamers.

On Christmas, I'll bring it to my grandmother's for the family dinner and with me on guitar, my cousin on drums (who's an actual drummer in a real band and likes the RB drums,) we can have non-gamers like my uncle, aunts, or other cousins play things like mic and bass and have fun because the songs aren't so difficult that they're constantly failing out.

And personally, at 500 songs in my collection, I don't want to have to play the same song a billion times to five-star it on expert because they made it uber-difficult. I'd like to play other games in my collection at some point. :)

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