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SubjectRe: Circuit City finally is a deal (depending what you want) Reply to this message
Posted byAlyas
Posted on02/09/09 09:14 PM

> My store is the KEY store as there are 2 other crap ones in town and one just
> over the river in Indiana. For me systems are 20%, games 30%, and some
> accessories are 30% others 40%.

There's only one CC in the area here, which is probably why they're taking forever to get to the good drops. Systems and games are 20%, accessories are 30% off, but there's hardly any there. DVDs are 30% off.

> Also I am curious why on an overpriced $60 game $48 isn't cheap? If the game is
> brand new and retails for $60, the douchebags at Gamestop will sell it used for
> $55. Here you can get a non-used game for another $7 under that. Seems like a
> deal in that perspective on newer(and/or still) full price titles.

Well, for me, I will rarely buy a game over $30 (though, with PS3 games I am willing to go as high as $40 on some titles if it's a high percentage off of the original price. Like, I got MK vs DC Kollector's Edition for $40 instead of $70 on Black Friday. $30 off is great. But getting a game that's originally $30 for only $20 isn't as great a deal.)

My first system was an Odyessey2, so I remember when the highest price of a new NES game was $40. I get that it's been 20 years and you gotta account for inflation, and I hate sounding like my parents, but in my mind, $60 is too damn much for a videogame.

According to my gamelist at GameFAQs, I've got over 550 videogames (all bought factory sealed -- I hate used) and that doesn't count N64 or previous generation games. And I've only played 1/5 of them. I've got PS1 games I haven't touched yet. I don't need to get new release games the moment they come out unless they are really, really worth it to me. I can wait a few years until they're close to clearance prices (which is why I have so many games.)

> I'm unfamiliar with your Caldors, but I know the company who is doing CC is the
> same as CompUSA. They initially jack all prices up to the original MSRP when
> stuff first debuted and then pull 10% off (making most stuff more expensive than
> normal elsewhere.) At most they'll raise things to 25-50% off depending what it
> is and after that they close up. They'll then send back stuff they can and
> profit despite the restocking fee. They're in it for money, it's not like a
> company dies and sells their own crap, these are low ball scum that feed on the
> death other companies to make cash.

Caldors was a big name department store, fancier than K-Mart, not as fancy as Sears. May not be all over the country, but they were pretty big on the East Coast. They brought some liquidators in too to make up some money. Don't know what group it was, though.

> To me I got a deal as the PS3 isn't going to be coming down to the $320 ($80
> off) I paid for it for a good long stretch still and likely by then it wouldn't
> be worth it as new systems would be showing up another 1-2years out. Even now
> Sony is almost at a 1:1 ratio on price of system to ship (a little over $400) vs
> sales price ($400.) And I know I got MOH Airborne and Assassins Creed for
> $20.99 vs $29.99 on those saving $9/pc. And the component cable I picked up was
> $17.50 normally it's like $25 saving $7.50.

I will say that the $80 off for the system is agood deal because you won't see that for a long time, though.

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