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Subjecti work there. come see me and bring sandwiches. kthx. nt Reply to this message
Posted byjopezu
Posted on04/03/09 00:52 AM

> But it's neat seeing arguably one of the most watched News Channels in the world
> at work. They also have the longest escalator in the world, really. The
> logistics and the size of the room really suprise you, it's just a normal sized
> place with a corner area for film. It looks cheap and not at all that fancy.
> They have a New York studio that has swankier duds, this place is the factory
> and not the showroom.
> CNN is a joke to me too, but the way they get their news is the best. A field of
> interns that look to be in their 20's are at a mob of desks checking online.
> When they come across "news" they pass it along to the leads who vet it some
> more and then pass it up the chain. You can totally see how bogus news and
> disinformation gets aired, and yet it is likely the key reason they can be so
> fast to act. It's just surf FARK, then send it along the chain.
> So really a kid finds info and passes it along that can change world opinion,
> alter mindsets, and/or and be really interesting...or just they could get played
> by a made up somethingawful link that a goon drops on them. Funny :)

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