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SubjectControl softwares (windows xp) Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on04/06/09 04:20 PM


I have a network here at work , with about 60 computers (stations running windows XP).
Now, i need to control what the user can install and use.
I tried using restricted Windows accounts, but the custom ERP software requires Admin acess (don't ask me why, it is a piece of junk software).

So, i need a software to control or restrict a user, even if the user is a local admin.
preferably freeware soft, and one that don't axe the access to network shares (CrawlerParentalControl does everything i want, but it axes the access to my samba shares (the servers are running linux)).

If it wasn't for this custom ERP, i would have switched every station to linux, but the software doesn't run on Wine, it gives a I/O error, even with all the configuration being correct.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance.

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