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SubjectIn a dilemma...need some serious advice Reply to this message
Posted bySFK
Posted on04/17/09 09:26 AM

OK, this starts off about a month back. A friend of mine at work (we are in the same project) is very much into physical fitness. Well, an aunt of mine who lives close by, had bought a treadmill about an year ago. But recently, it had been pretty much out of use, so she had it packed up. So i told this friend of mine (Mr. X), about the treadmill. He asked me to ask my aunt, if she wanted to sell it. The response i got from her was in the affirmative, and she claimed that it was working fine, and had only been serviced once. I convey her response to Mr. X, who says he trusts me on the machine's condition. So I take this guy to her home, he checks the machine out, and takes it home.

A week later, the machine stops working. He calls a service guy to check it out, who tells him that the electronic chip on the machine is malfunctioning and that it has been repaired once before. However, repairing it would cost a hefty price. So Mr. X calls me up and tells me about the issue, saying he can't keep this as it is faulty and wants to have it returned and drops the treadmill over at my place.

This is where it gets nasty. My aunt is very angry to hear about this, and asks me to tell him that she won't take it back in any condition, as it was working while in her possession. Now, Mr. X, being an idiot, should have checked the machine out thoroughly, instead of trusting upon me (Since the treadmill was never in my possession). As for my aunt, she did not tell me about the history of repair, and she also put a rather high price on it even though it was an old model.

The machine lay at my place for about a month, without any inquiry from either sides. Thinking that things have settled down, I sold the machine to a shop owner (it was taking up a lot of space) for a shitty price, as it was already fucked up.

Now yesterday, Mr. X comes to me, pretty pissed off, and is asking that either I get the money back from her or I pay him myself. Which I don't wanna do (why the hell should I?). Now i don't wanna mess my relation with this guy, because he's really helpful at work and an overall nice guy.

I am stuck on both ends. My aunt will not take the machine back, no matter what, and Mr. X is pretty pissed off, and wants his hard earned money back.

I am fucked from both ends here....and can't seem to be able to find a way out of this situation. Any advice would be much appreciated....that's the last time I do a good deed...dammit! Life can be a real bitch when it wants to be...

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