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SubjectSo supposedly, there are these programs called emulators... Reply to this message
Posted byAlyas
Posted on05/03/09 11:47 AM

So a couple weeks ago, Amazon was having this deal on the PSP-2001. $155 for the system and a free copy of Resistance: Retribution. I already had a phat PSP, but I wanted to get a new one for it's improved D-Pad and TV-Out, and decided it this was a good time because I didn't want a PSP-3000 with it's interlacing issue, and the next model down the line is supposedly going to remove the UMD drive, and I have no desire to re-buy the 60 games I already own on UMD through the network just to play them.

Since I would now have two PSPs, I figured I'd mod my phat system so that I'll be able to play some emulated games on the go. I got myself a Pandora battery, made a magic memory card with 5.00 M33-6 custom firmware, and the process went smoothly. The only problem? Finding the PSP emulators...

Back when I got into emulation in 1996, and the years following, you knew where to go to find emulation information. Retrogames, Zophar's Domain, Dave's Video Game Classics, etc... They'd list all the available emulators with an in-depth description of how well it performs and a link to the official site.

Today, emulation sites just aren't what they used to be. Searching around for PSP emulators, I find that Retrogames doesn't cover them at all (no surprise,) and Zophar's and Dave's ("Vintage Game Network") have small sections which list maybe one or two for each platform and a download link.

The best luck (if you want to call it that) I seem to be having are generic "PSP Hacks" sites that may have an (outdated) emulation section, and they'll just list download links to emulators with no in-depth description and no link to the homepage. Just look at this mishmash... And most of said emulators listed are in Japanese!

Based on what I've found, the only NES emulator available for the PSP is a port of Nester called "NesterJ" that was last released in July 2006 and only runs on 1.0 or 1.5 firmware (atleast according to it's Japanese homepage.) I know emulation today isn't as hot as it was 5+ years ago, but we can't have gotten this bad, can we?

So does anyone know of any decent emulation sites that covers PSP emulators and is relatively up-to-date? Or better so, any of you guys do the whole PSP emulation thing? What do you use?

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