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SubjectRe: I've got a similar setup... Reply to this message
Posted byMegaHurtz
Posted on05/03/09 02:50 PM

> 4gb Ram, 9600GT, E8400 3.0Ghz (OC'd to 3.6Ghz).
> Get some dreamcast games and try them out, they'll be even smoother than pcsx2.
> MAME will always be MAME, but it's a good thing you put 64bit vista, it's
> actually noticebly faster. Get the MAMEUI 64bit compile, they even have some
> benchmarks at the site with a similar setup. Except for some insanely power
> hungry games (Naomi, System 12, 13, and some others, it should be enough to run
> pretty much anything you throw at it.
> And try some PC games if you've been unable to lately. There's a slew of great
> shit to play that your machine won't have any problem with. I play mostly
> everything at 1920x1080 without filters at max quality. Some of the more beastly
> titles need some tinkering to get smooth framerates, but the videocard can hold
> it's own very well.
> All work and no play makes me..., well, you know the rest.

I didn't even know Mame did Naomi now. I just remember seeing a few screenshots of one of the DC emus (Chankast?) doing some very preliminary Naomi stuff some time last year. I'd want to play some of those fighters just so I could use my Hotrod to control them instead of the painfull standard DC controller.

I'm sort of behind on pc gaming. I haven't really played anything since I got my 360 a few years ago. I bought the Orange Box from Steam last weekend for $10 and tried some TF2 on my new system, and it ran fast with every setting maxed. My monitor only does 1280x1024, so I can crank up the graphics settings without much fear :) Maybe I'll hook the system up to my hdtv and see how it looks at 1080p.

I'm also thinking about playing with the overclocking settings, but I'm a little worried that the cpu is already running at about 95 F, and that is after putting a high end cpu cooler on it. Hrm. Need to play with that...

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