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SubjectCan't say I did. Reply to this message
Posted byDeath Knight
Posted on05/09/09 08:19 AM

> The mission will continue. It deviates from canon, but I like the direction.
> Want to watch it?
I think they strayed too far from canon. Sure it's an "alternate reality", but it kinda left me feeling like: "Hey, remember all those 40 some years of history? Fuck that, it never happened.

The movie in it's own right was pretty well executed, but I couldn't help but feel a little betrayed by the changes.

And the characters...
Kirk - pretty good take on him by Pine, liked it;
Spock - great interpretation by Quinto, this change I welcomed, a more passionate Spock;
Uhura - her acting felt a little dry, but I liked what they did with the character;
Sulu and Chekov - good performances, but overall underdeveloped and uninteresting;
Scotty - Simon Pegg did a terrific job of being comical and a scooty in his won right;
McCoy - This I had some problems with. As much as Karl Urban did a good job, it didn't feel like he was playing McCoy, it felt like he was playing DeForest Kelley playing McCoy. He could've been a bit more original and loose, his acting felt extremely forced, unnatural;
Nero - what a hack of a villan. As uninteresting and poorly developed as the shitty "Picard clone" from Nemesis. They could've given him a bit more personality.

All work and no play makes me..., well, you know the rest.

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