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SubjectSo the motion junk is out at E3 Reply to this message
Posted byJudgeInjury
Posted on06/03/09 02:14 PM

Wii has the sensor that records your vitals, making it the ideal system for Wilford Brimley Diabeetus challenge, and very little else.

Microsoft has a pad that is apparently part genesis Activator, part holodeck. Does anyone think this will work like they show? Not in a million years...

Sony has this wand garbage as well. Who wants to play these games where you swing a sword around and hit stuff with it? How deep will they be beyond minigames and wood chopping simulators? As a bonus Sony's won't be out until 2010! God they are screwing this generation up so bad after the monster that was the PS2...

Penny-Arcade nailed it when they said it's for puppet shows, not games they have ever wanted to play. Who want's to pantomine full body video games? Where is the market for this? I think Wii sports pretty much covered it all for me and that is that.

And Nintendo has Mario Galaxy 2 with 90% new content. When did reusing stuff become okay? Left for Dead II is catching flak for being little more than a mod at full price, and as much as I like Valve, they are sure into bundling and repacking things and charging for it.

The industry is skipping the nickel and dime stage of $5 horse armor and going full price gouging, offering me half finished games for $60, with the rest being paid content I download afterwards.

This is not a good way to go in the long term. 10 years from now are these servers going to still be up? When you change systems, your files will have to follow you somehow. I learned firsthand what a mess that is when someone stole my 360, and I never did get Bomberman or Pacman back (I had to rebuy the latter).

E3 had a lot of good things, but there are some really disturbing trends emerging that I think will hurt the industry a lot in the long run.

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.So the motion junk is out at E3  JudgeInjury06/03/09 02:14 PM
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