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SubjectBeen watching the new Star Trek movie too much Reply to this message
Posted byitchyNADZ
Posted on06/03/09 09:23 PM

I've now watched it twice in the theaters and 8 times at home!

I've had the chance to analyze it and see what the movie did right as opposed to what Lucas did wrong with the Star Wars prequels. The biggest difference, imho, is the music. ST:2009 had a good soundtrack that was carefully melded onto the movie. The music was **part** of the movie and not just an afterthought. It helped draw you into the movie.

The prequel's music on the other hand seemed to be an afterthought that for the most part was either absent or mismatched with what was going on-screen. Easy example: in Attack of the Clones when Obi-Wan was following Jango Fett through the asteroid field, there was zero, nada, no music whatsoever. Contrast that with the Asteroid Field theme that played during the asteroid field scene in Empire Strikes Back. That theme sucked you right into the action. ST:2009 did the same thing when Kirk, McCoy and the cadets were in the shuttle and going to the new Enterprise. When they saw the Enterprise, the music peaked at just the right spot.

I've found that good music makes me come back for more.