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SubjectI'm now a PS3 owner :) Reply to this message
Posted byMegaHurtz
Posted on08/19/09 08:38 PM

I'm sort of leery buying a used/refurbed one, especially since Sony doesn't cover it and the GS warranty is only 30 days, but for $30 over the price of the slim, that is a hard deal to pass up. The wifi alone makes it worth the extra $30.

Set it up after work today. Using hdmi for a/v into the tv right now. I wanted optical for the audio, but the 6ft cable I had is like 4 inches too short to reach the ps3. Gonna have to order a longer one.

First impressions are that the system menu is ugly and horribly jaggy, even at 1080p. Annoyed that the mp3 player closes when I try to enter any other menu. Controller is *super* light. I don't think I've used one this light since the old digital PS1 pads. Web browser doesn't seem half bad, far better than psp and better than the wii. Going to download some demos since I own 0 ps3 games and 0 bluray movies so far :)

I did try out the single ps2 game I own and it played perfectly. I was hoping the load times would speed up, but they seem about what an actual ps2 would do. Being able to use the sixaxis to control the games and set up virtual memory cards on the hdd is NIIIICE.

I thought I read that the ps3 was supposed to be pretty quiet, but I think it was a little louder sitting at the menu than my 360 idle at the dashboard. Nowhere close to the 360 when a disc is spinning though.

I'm testing out the media sharing right now. The online manual said it supports x264 and TS streams, so I'm going to try throwing some HD stuff at it. Going to use WMP11 on my Vista machine to stream it. If it works, I'll be mighty happy since my xbox1 just doesn't have the horepower to do HD and I didn't want to have to install some server programs to get my 360 to stream that stuff. Fingers crossed!

BTW, psn id is same as my gamertag: MegahurtzLIVE. Any suggestions for ps3 exclusive downloadable games? MKII is the only one I know of that I want to get.

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