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SubjectRe: PS3 80gig backwards compatibility Reply to this message
Posted byveetvujagig
Posted on08/20/09 02:46 PM

> That thing with the Slim was as far as I've seen debunked, they're not putting
> PS2 play back in there.
> As far as any 80GB unit, short of a rare model revision or two none do PS2, but
> they all can do PS1 either as disc or downloaded and uses a virtual memory card
> on the PS3 HDD. I've got like 5 games that way as downloads and they work
> fantastic.
> If you go to the Wikipedia for PS3 it does show the hardware revisions of the
> various models and what runs PS2 titles and shows how to ID them as well.

I'm seeing that the slim is more of sony screwing the end user. Not to mention that with so many hardware revisions on the PS3 (what is it now 8?), the bugs in new firmwares are going to become more and more prevalent.

I got lucky on my 80 gig, I was in a local used game store, and a guy came in looking to sell his, the store didn't have the cash to buy it, so I snagged an 80 gig back-compatible for $200, but it's basically a blue-ray player and a media center for me.

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