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SubjectRe: I'm now a PS3 owner :) Reply to this message
Posted byMegaHurtz
Posted on08/20/09 08:01 PM

> > I'm testing out the media sharing right now. The online manual said it
> supports
> > x264 and TS streams, so I'm going to try throwing some HD stuff at it. Going
> to
> > use WMP11 on my Vista machine to stream it. If it works, I'll be mighty happy
> > since my xbox1 just doesn't have the horepower to do HD and I didn't want to
> > have to install some server programs to get my 360 to stream that stuff.
> > Fingers crossed!
> PS3 Media Server might be worth looking into, easy to set up and the PS3 will
> eat whatever you throw at it.
> http://ps3mediaserver.blogspot.com/

I was going nuts last night trying to get it to stream some hd videos from Media Player 11. I had a mp4 that was a bitch to get the ps3 to even recogonize, and once I did it shows up as 0 seconds long in the menu. If you try to play it, it says it cannot be started. I copied it to the ps3 hdd and from there it actually displays the correct length, but still gives the same error on playback.

I did a *LOT* of Googling and it looks like Sony seriously F'ed up HD streaming with the v2.5 firmware and hasn't fixed it since. Fuck this DLNA shit and just add smb support.

I tried ps3mediaserver and even that couldn't get it to work. It did work with a tv show that also wouldn't play through wmp11, but the video quality seemed to drop a bit.

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