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SubjectI like Family Guy too Reply to this message
Posted bywildcat
Posted on09/15/09 11:19 PM

I guess I'm just upset that Fox

a) kinda snap-dropped King of the Hill and gave it a shitty ending with no real resolution...

b) ...so they could replace it with another Seth MacFarlane thing, which if American Dad is anything to go by, is going to be Family Guy with black people.

I understand that shows end (well, maybe not the Simpsons), but if Fox had no real intentions of bringing King of the Hill back for this year, they should have said so and given them a chance to wrap it up properly. Especially after 13 seasons.

Of course, Fox did option four more episodes than were actually broadcast, so if they actually got produced, they'll probably show up on Adult Swim before too much longer (especially since they started airing them in order a month or so ago).

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