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SubjectLOL That episode was on Adult Swim tonight *nt* ROFL Reply to this message
Posted bywildcat
Posted on09/17/09 02:35 AM

Back up in your ass with the resurrection
Is the group harder than an erection
That shows more affection
They wanna ban us on Capitol Hill
Cause its die muthafuckas, die muthafuckas still

All along [still] it was the geto, nothing but the geto
Takin short steps one foot at a time and keep my head low
And never let go
cause if I let go, then I'll be spineless
I'm goin' INSANE!

I think my mind just goes outta control
And judge your subjects muthafuckas read about
I touch on the shit that they be leavin' out
I seen this muthafucka's .9 smokin'
I seen the same nigga with the .9 die with his eyes open
And simply what this means is
He didn't know that every dog had his day
Until he seen his
I bet you muthafuckas will too
Because its die muthafucka, die muthafucka still fool

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*one in every 12 americans...   Ti-BOne09/15/09 03:29 PM
..LOL That episode was on Adult Swim tonight *nt* ROFL  wildcat09/17/09 02:35 AM
.*Lies *nt* Everybody knows that the bird is the word  wildcat09/15/09 10:13 PM
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...*Don't you know about the bird ? -nt-  Ti-BOne09/18/09 10:36 AM
....*Nope I did not know about the bird NT :(  Plane Wrecker09/20/09 11:08 PM
.....*now you and everybody knows that the bird is the word! -nt-  Ti-BOne09/22/09 11:35 AM