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SubjectContra Rebirth not hitting Italy Reply to this message
Posted byTerry Bogard
Posted on09/17/09 06:43 PM

It's official, Nintendo won't distribute Contra Rebirth on Wii Shop in my country. God knows why. The same happened for Gradius Rebirth, but I didn't really care. But now, they dared touch Contra.

Guess what? It's time to hack'n'slash.

How do I install wads on a 4.1 Wii already equipped with Homebrew Channel?

Up to now I have been playing with homebrew alone, but this time WiiBrew.org won't be enough.

The people at Nintendo are asses.

SubjectRe: Contra Rebirth not hitting Italy new Reply to this message
Posted byn2locarz
Posted on09/17/09 07:34 PM

I have some experience with this. You need to get a windows util called "Free the Wads". Then download the WAD version closest to your region. I am assuming your running 4.1E (Pal) so look for the WAD that is Pal video.
Put the WAD in the same folder as "Free the Wads" and run it. It's been awhile since I did it so I don't remember the command line switches. Copy the WAD to your SD card into the /wad folder. You need a howbrew app called Wad Installer (I think it's v 1.5). That app goes on the SD card under /apps/Wad_Installer/. Then launch homebrew, the new Wad Installer will be there. Select IOS 249 then select the modded WAD. It takes a few minutes to install. If all went ok you will have the app installed on the Wii dektop. Good luck.


SubjectHere are some links new Reply to this message
Posted byn2locarz
Posted on09/18/09 11:11 AM

Here are some useful links:

Free the Wads (with GUI):

Wad Installer:


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