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SubjectRe: Question about Degrees and College/University Reply to this message
Posted byCereal Killer
Posted on10/15/09 12:17 PM

Web Design does pay good money. I can't really speak for the rest of the world, but in this economy in the SF Bay area you're looking at contracts for that kind of work right now. If you want full time work, places like Zynga are staffing up, as well as online retailers. Most retailers would have had there sites ready by now for the holiday season, but they will need support through January.
My advise to you is to get an internship, or a part time job with some of these people. It's never too early to make good contacts. You want names of people that will give you good references, and real experience. It's also a small world out there and you will likely meet those people again.
Also start looking at various recruiters. Check them out on linknin, and find out if they are jack offs, or the type of recruiters that maintain realtionships with their clients, and will help you interview. Give those types of gujys at least two real good references, and will you get contracts right from graduation.

One last thing, and I'm not saying this because this is CA. DO NOT ever work for a dyke. I'm not gay bashing, but those fucks will perfer like an all girl team because they think it's PC, vs hiring people that can do the job. Unless your a catcher, they will make it their personal mission to emasculate you and setback your career.

And since you said you were military, always talk to school counselors about getting people to pay for it.

> I am currently/have been attending an online college for a BS in Computer
> Science (focus is on python/database management/web programming and
> administrating) but I don't like how the information is presented. I also don't
> think the school is very well off.
> www.tuiu.edu is the school I am "attending" right now. I have been looking for
> alternatives and DeVry has a very nice online course (or at least it seems
> interesting). The problem is, I don't know if the degree would be very useful
> that I am interested in. Wanting to know what you guys think.
> Multimedia Design and Development with emphasis in:
> Graphic and Multimedia Design
> Graphics and Multimedia Management
> Web Design and Development
> Web Game Programming
> So I would have to pick one of the last four as an emphasis... My mind wants to
> pick wed design or game programming... but who the hell would hire basically a
> glorified flash game programmer?
> Any ideas? Any college/universities you guys recommend that can be completed
> strictly online (military makes it hard to do face to face).

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