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SubjectRe: Question about Degrees and College/University Reply to this message
Posted bySilentAce
Posted on10/15/09 08:02 PM

The good thing is this is on the backside/actionscript of flash... so i would think learning "game" programming would easily be translated into pretty much any actionscript around.

Problem I see is that it is relying on flash.

> Web Game programming you see companies like zynga, and slide pushing facebook
> apps. Just answers, and other web based services also seem to be growing. I'd
> also focus on ATG if I were you. You'd be surprised how many eCommerce sites
> like special plugin for that cart system, and lot's of big name retailers use
> it.
> Hard to say what the future holds for web game programming. I think you'll want
> to get in on the next big fad like facebook, or whatever people will be using
> down the road. I talk to people all the time with great ideas for music,
> streaming, and various other sites. But they don't really get to far getting
> them off the ground. But almost all these systems require a database,
> networking knowledge, load/bandwidth management. You might want to consider
> some training in those areas as well.
> Internationalization is also a big thing but it's a total bitch.
> > Thanks for the input... I won't be getting out of the military for another 13
> > years so recruiting and linkedin kind of stuff isn't so useful right now. I
> > haven't paid a single dime for any of the schooling I have taken either.
> >
> > Mainly I was talking about how useful you guys think a "web game programming"
> > degree is worth. Its technically a Bachelors of Science: Computer Information
> > Systems.
> >
> >

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