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SubjectI can answer 1 and 2 Reply to this message
Posted byEon_Blue
Posted on10/26/09 03:53 PM

> Just got an old 360. It had the RROD and after fixing it decided to keep it.
> It doesn't have an HD. I am looking into getting one. Have a few questions:
> Is there any reason to get a big drive like 120gb over say the 20gb? Isn't it
> just for saving games and caching content?

Yeah, it's for game saves - but I got a 20gb, and I'm regretting not going bigger when I had the money. I'm constantly swapping out files to make room for DLC. I'm kind of an XBLA whore, so I tend to buy a lot of the little games - I guess if you can stay away from that, 20gb will suit you fine. I just didn't realize how much decent stuff is available on the Arcade.
> Also, Can I rip the games to the HD like the Xbox 1?

Yup. Some games recommend you DON'T - Halo 3 for instance - but again, you'll need a bigger HD for this, obviously. I'd love to store SFIV on the HD, but I guarantee I won't have room for much else after that....

> Lastly, is there a way to install the nexflix app without Live Gold?
> n2

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