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SubjectRe: Paranormal Activity = WIN Reply to this message
Posted byAlyas
Posted on11/01/09 08:12 AM

So after the final shot of the film, and the screen's blacked out, the girl sitting behind me says, "Oh My God; and that a true story!"

Hearing her say that was the absolute scariest moment the entire night.

It was a good movie, I thought, but absolutely nothing scary about it at all. I guess if you're someone who actually believes that it's real footage, you might find it scary. Or if you were one of the characters in the movie, the events that were happening might be scary. But as an audience member who knew everything was completely fake, it had no effect on me.

The audience was good where I was to see it. Until that girl spoke after the film ended, there were no noises in the theater at all. No talking, no cellphones went off, aside from a couple laughs and gasps, you'd have thought you were completely alone. So needless to say, when that girl said that, everyone in the theater heard it. The guy in front of me was like, "It's not a true story!" And everyone laughed. The girl starts to get up to leave and she's like, "Well, maybe it was based on a true story."

Maybe I'm just desensitized to scary movies now. I haven't seen a movie that truly scared me as far back as I can remember.

...Except Showgirls. Absolutely Frightening.

> Great movie! Go see it at night with a bunch of other people and enjoy watching
> them spaz out.

"Good... Bad... I'm the guy with the gun."

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