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SubjectRe: Yeah, not such a big fan anymore Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on11/02/09 01:33 AM

> Square is kinda just not as fun as it used to be. I still get a hard on for
> retro shit but I'm slowly growing tired of the regurgitation.
> pixel-eight.com

They're ruining the retro stuff now too. I'm pretty much about entirely finished with anything from the Square side of the merger. I think the assclown's name is Nomura or whatever but everything he touches turns to shit. Furthermore, they since FF10 have had this horseshit so called 'good idea' that strategy and either the smart road or the slow road isn't the right thing anymore. Now you can ONLY do one thing, in the exact order, or the boss has a super rape move you end up dead on in one or two moves off it essentially ruining the game. What fun is any boss battle if only one move works in the right order? Sure, ask a friend or use a faq, and it's dumber and easier than a Sesame Street game, but if not, enjoy wanting to commit seppuku playing any of their shit having to tolerate that design. THEY DID IT TO FF4(2 snes) on the DS making all bosses kill in a blow if you don't do the pattern, and even added that bs to certain random normal monsters too giving them boss like blows anywhere in game. Total trash, made me sell it and re-buy the damn SNES game to undefile my collectin, had I though a GBA still I'd re-grab that version.

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