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Subjectwhat? Reply to this message
Posted byjopezu
Posted on01/15/10 08:52 PM

> > The purpose of the compound is to help transfer heat from the CPU to the
> > heatsink.
> True, but different thermal compounds have different heat transfer properties.
> A GPU may not get as hot as a CPU or vice-versa, so the potential is there for
> cooking it if you use the wrong one.
> Granted, if your CPU, GPU, or other greased-up chip is cooking itself, you've
> got more fundamental cooling issues there than just the thermal compound you're
> using. Better fans, heatsinks, liquid cooling, and climate-controlled operation
> may be required depending on your circumstances.

the purpose of the thermal compound is to make the heatsink and the cpu's heatspreader 1 contiguous unit. allowing as much heat to leave the cpu into the heatsink is always the main goal regardless of how much or little heat is created.

that being said, use the best compound ya got for both, and you'll be ok. some of the medium range priced arctic silver is pretty nice.

EDIT--- BAAHHH... i see what you mean. if your cheap ass CPU comes with cheap ass thermal compound, DON'T use said same cheap ass compound for a pricey GPU.

gotcha sphincter.

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