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SubjectWent with Arctic Silver Reply to this message
Posted byCereal Killer
Posted on01/15/10 11:12 PM

I used Arctic Silver on both. The Acer 5100 has one heat sink over both the AMD and ATI processors. The laptop appeared to be shutting down over heat problems. I didn't want to fix it, and then go and wreck the video. It just looked weird because Acer obviously used two different thermal compounds.

> > > The purpose of the compound is to help transfer heat from the CPU to the
> > > heatsink.
> >
> > True, but different thermal compounds have different heat transfer properties.
> > A GPU may not get as hot as a CPU or vice-versa, so the potential is there for
> > cooking it if you use the wrong one.
> >
> > Granted, if your CPU, GPU, or other greased-up chip is cooking itself, you've
> > got more fundamental cooling issues there than just the thermal compound
> you're
> > using. Better fans, heatsinks, liquid cooling, and climate-controlled
> operation
> > may be required depending on your circumstances.
> >
> the purpose of the thermal compound is to make the heatsink and the cpu's
> heatspreader 1 contiguous unit. allowing as much heat to leave the cpu into the
> heatsink is always the main goal regardless of how much or little heat is
> created.
> that being said, use the best compound ya got for both, and you'll be ok. some
> of the medium range priced arctic silver is pretty nice.
> EDIT--- BAAHHH... i see what you mean. if your cheap ass CPU comes with cheap
> ass thermal compound, DON'T use said same cheap ass compound for a pricey GPU.
> gotcha sphincter.

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