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Subjectassyrix *nt* KENNEDY *nt* Freeweed *nt* Solvalou *nt* dany *nt* shoryfag *nt* bicth Reply to this message
Posted bywildcat
Posted on01/22/10 01:24 AM

> nt

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*To our fallen comrades -nt- Here's looking at you, Snyderman...  Eon_Blue01/21/10 05:31 PM
.*ibbo, roushi, joffe, drak -nt- i raise my glass.  Ti-BOne01/25/10 10:40 AM
.*Do you still hate NIN? nt choose wisely  dean01/22/10 06:51 PM
..*jesus christ no, did I ever say that? I should kick my own ass. nt  Eon_Blue01/23/10 01:29 AM
.*holy crap, so many memories -nt- i miss RoushiMSX, EvilDrak, and Snyderman  newsdee01/22/10 08:55 AM
..assyrix *nt* KENNEDY *nt* Freeweed *nt* Solvalou *nt* dany *nt* shoryfag *nt* bicth  wildcat01/22/10 01:24 AM
.*Trizae, Marv, KrAcKeR , Wild Guardian, ZeroKnightRaiden, TheFett + classics inside  itchyNADZ01/21/10 11:41 PM
..*Still lurking -nt- I miss Victoly  ZeroKnightRaiden01/22/10 10:02 PM
..*Check the old CA names out  itchyNADZ01/22/10 00:06 AM
...*Holy shit, that's an oldie. nt   Eon_Blue01/22/10 03:33 PM
...*almost forgot my old nick -mt- josboule   skydoune01/22/10 07:15 AM
...*Bad Day Cure  wildcat01/22/10 02:00 AM
...*Goddamnit *nt* Now I'm reading all the old shit  wildcat01/22/10 01:58 AM
....*haha forgot the CA song  newsdee01/22/10 09:49 AM
.*I raise my glass to Evildrak, RoushiMSX and many others. NT  Death Knight01/21/10 07:31 PM
..*Same for RoushiMSX and Ryu_Saotome -nt-  SilentAce01/22/10 00:26 AM