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Subjectreally ? Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on02/15/10 01:50 PM

Weird, hehe.
I love Lager beers, and usually get Heineken or Carlsbergs, because out of the "payable" brands, are the best ones, imho. With a slightly advantage to Heineken, more sour-ish taste, that i like.

> For some reason, Heineken is the only beer I really dislike. It has some kind of
> sickening chemical taste. It's very odd because I like blonde beers in general,
> but Heineken is the only one I would not drink even if I get it for free (which
> happens fairly often as I know some ppl who really like it, so they have
> plenty).
> [download a life]

one can never destroy the power of evil

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