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SubjectI think it's normal to expect things to work out of the box Reply to this message
Posted byJudgeInjury
Posted on03/09/10 11:08 PM

Ouch man. I have a 360 as well so I picked up most of my games on it since they seem to always have framerate issues or crashes or pathes or long installs on the PS3.

I think you would admit that PS3 has been a huge mistep with as much bravado and cost and just the general FU attitude from Sony. How many years now are we gettig told it's going to be the year of the PS3? Even Heavy Rain, a game that cost $60 and took years to develop stutters and loses sound on my machine, already having a patch days after release. This would be unnaceptabble in any other medium, but since we like Sony it's okay?

I can't say much about being a crybaby since maybe it's true :) I grew up on this board so I have postd lots of stuff I am sure looks terrible in retropect of being older and wiser.

But I just want my stuff to work when I buy it out of the box, not have to go download stuff off of a wifi connection. And who in the hell requires the device to be connected instead of the SD card? The cheapest devices I ever owned didn't require this. I don't think I have hooked something to USB for transfer since a Kodak camera in the late 90's. It's backwards as heck to do this nowadays.

And even if you criticize me (I understand I am kind f slamming your stuff) I think you would agree digital distibution is not a good trend. Look at Assasins Creed II requiring constant online connection just to play? And have you ever lost a 360 and tried to get back your games or saves? It's a hassle.

Stuff should just work when I buy it. Period.

> I'm with the other poster too, you're whining and if you can't find more than 5
> games worth buying on a PS3 you got the worlds weirdest tastes or you have
> little concept of a 'fun game.'
> I have no idea why you're going the hard way around placing that game on your
> PSP really I don't. Sure you can use Media Go, and I'm going to guess you have
> no access to WiFi because you can download straight onto the PSP which is fast
> and easy. I'm also going to guess that you don't keep your PC files up to date
> if you're blaming your issues with flash on the Sony experience too so you get
> no sympathy there either.
> Not too much offense but as I've seen you on here for years but you're the
> biggest fucking crybaby if you think all that stuff really.
> The easiest way is the plug the PSP into a wifi hotspot area whereever,
> login/pass to PSN and then enter code and download. If that fails, then you can
> download the game from Sony onto your PC, then go into Explorer and then
> drag/drop the game from the PC directory to the games directory on the PSP
> memory card. Or you can go the slowest most steps involved way about it using
> media go which I avoid. Media Go if you go that route is required because of
> the encryption routine as they want to reg your PSP to the Media Go program to
> ensure you're not pirating it which is no biggie. I've converted movies and
> audio and jammed them into the PSP using the program, it's simple.
> Blame yourself really as it's setup for anyone to not have these kind of
> problems.

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