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SubjectRe: I think it's normal to expect things to work out of the box Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on03/09/10 10:37 PM

I've not been victim to a frame rate problem or a crash, but I have patched and yes there are one time installs but the up side is loads are fast so it's give and take.

Originally I'd agree on the huge pissy bravado and overpricing that douche Kenny there shoveled but that's why his ass is gone from the scene now. They're fairly priced, and the tude is basically been put well into check. I do have a PS3 as you can tell from this, but I got it when it was on Circuit City death throws closeout for a final price of $400 but it was 80GB, MOH Airborne, A.Creed1(which sucks), and a good cable for it so I did ok.

I can't speak for Heavy Rain issues other than it's not the system but the attitude of pissy blowhard developers in my eyes. They've turned PC lazy knowing they can shovel beta ware shit on any console now and upgrade out of a hole using early buyers as guinea pigs which has tweaked me off for years on Pc (mostly why I nearly stopped buying PC games.)

I took the 'baby' route because I've seen those posts of yours over the years and really you and I feel the same about shit that costs money -- it better fucking work. The difference is when I get pissed off, I look for the fucker that messed it up, I don't just blame the first thing that comes along as it's not always deserved. In your case with the PS3, if you got raped for up to $600 and stomached that cunt Ken then yes, be mad. But, if this is game specific issues, blame the lazy fucking developer. Sega deserves a HUGE cockpunch for Bayonetta with the endless loads, glitched ripped up gfx, shitty frame rate. Sony got so tweaked they hacked the game with a patch to install to the drive to kill the loads! Ghostbusters which I bought also got nailed on the lazy dicks with graphics thing, but they caught hell for it from fans and they took like 2-3 weeks but they redid all the visual sampling and memory buffers, made it basically an equal outside of some nerd with a 60+ inch plasma who can spot little things no one gives a fuck about. :) This is a great example of how Heavy Rain got hosed, bad developer, good hardware, need to be shamed into fixing it or better yet doing it right the first time. It's the one thing I like about wii, they can't do patches.

On the PSP front I agree but there are ways around it. I have a card reader so I can just drop it in, you probably don't. I did experiment, and if I jack the PSP straight into the PC using usb, I can see it pop up as another drive, and I can navigate to it and it has directories for music, videos, games, saves, etc and I can just pop and drop to the PC with no problems. That's why I went there on that.

You and I are on the same page dude...DD can suck my balls as Cartman would say, and if I could post audio here I'd do that too in his voice as I can. The reason I only do not have Patapon 2 is that every other fucking region got a disc. I will NOT pay $20 for a voucher, box, and all but a disc, nor will I download for that price either. Seems more scamming as a download since I'm not even getting the luxury of a bullshit fake box with cover art and a book.

And AC2 on the PC is an evil DRM joke, I won't buy games with DRM or other evil hacks. I wanted Mass Effect as I refuse to buy that console with the perpetual death clock on it. PC game has an API corrupter that fucks up your ability to burn/rewrite cd and dvds as it puts some evil shit into windows. I got hosed by it on my old pc with Phantasy Star Universe, took 2 fucking hours to fix and fix online and impliment it removing specific files out of my win directory and dicking with the registry -- I was furious.

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