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SubjectRe: You are right about me blaming the wrong party Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on03/09/10 11:36 PM

Yeah I just know the shit moves dev'rs do having worked at Midway and they did shady shit in a pinch. Sony is to blame for the BC removal to lower costs and the damn Ken crap and overpricing. Outside that sure the PS3 is a bit hard to work with, but in perspective so was the PS2, Saturn before that from Sega, and so on...nothing new.

Beta release as final is infuriating and I hate the overaccepting turds of the gaming media making it ok by pandering the awesomeness of HDDs being a fix all, sure it is, fix your broken shit (hopefully) fix all after launch.

My nes is a 1985 unit, it turns 25 this year and it still works. I don't see any of the systems of this generation lasting that long, at least not a lot of them like NES, SNES, and N64 would. Fall apart systems seemed to be accepted in the Gamecube and Dreamcast era stuff forward, and it's bullshit. The GC I'm not even certain will last that long, probably not as the disc drive seems to love even new harshly pop and click when tracking, the DC was flimsy, the PS2 loved to melt down, and the xbrick loved to overheat, eat up discs, glitch up a little, and for a time overheated and could go on fire from the cord in back(saw one burst into flames at Midway and it wasn't even on long and newly in from MS weeks earlier.) Stuff this gen none will last, Wii included as that drive seems flimsy and it gets bitchy about double sided discs. Handhelds will be the last to last long, Nintendo ones since they refuse to use optical media.

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