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SubjectRe: I'm thinking of moving to the US Reply to this message
Posted byCereal Killer
Posted on04/06/10 02:27 PM

Another point to consider is are you looking for a job to sponser your H1 Visa? Not a lot of entry level openings in Northern Kali right now that will do that. Some suggestions are to look at craigslist job boards for various cities you are considering for an idea on what's available, citizenship status required, and sometimes how much it pays. If you know people in areas you are considering see if then can help you find a reputable job recruiter. And you don't want to come to Kali. Cost of living is too high, the state is broke, and too many faggot ass tree huggers.

> > Australia is too expensive to live in.
> I made the same move 12 years ago for pretty much the same reasons (well, that
> and not being able to find a job). I don't regret it... But things are still
> tough here right now with the economy being the way that it is.
> > I can buy a whole US street for the
> > price of a house here!
> Property prices vary by state, county, city, and even street. Same as anywhere
> really, but for what I would have paid for a relatively modest house in an OK
> part of L.A., I can buy two or three larger ones (Virginia) on more property out
> here for the same money. Having said that, I'm probably going to be relocating
> to Seattle in the next 3-4 months. More:
> > I need to know the following;
> >
> > 1. Where will I live?
> Where the jobs are. This more than anything else is going to dictate where you
> end up. I'm in a relatively small (25,000 people) rural area; my job options
> are either a) take short-term contracts and work from home for less money than
> I'd make in a real job but with a lower cost of living, or move up to the DC
> area and deal with all the attendant crap (traffic, people) of being there.
> > 2. How much does an entry level IT support job pay?
> $12-$15/hr. That can be higher depending on what kind of support you're doing,
> whether it's a contract or full-time position, etc.
> > 3. Is it true strip joints have to choose between showing tits or serving
> > alcohol?
> Most places I've been, yep. If you do end up in L.A., be sure to visit Jumbo's
> Clown Room. It's an experience.
> > I'm probably missing some important details.
> The country's huge. Fortunately, being from Australia, you're used to that -
> but just to let you know, both the social and employment cultures on the West
> and East coasts are a lot different. Degrees are a plus, as are industry
> qualifications / certifications (looks good on emigration applications as well).
> If you can line up employment in Oz with an American company first who could
> sponsor you for an eventual transfer, that would also help.
> I was lucky in that I had family here already. If I didn't, I'd've been
> uber-screwed.

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