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Posted byjajig
Posted on04/06/10 04:41 PM

I want to make the move in the next couple of years, by then I will be a network engineer with experience. I'm currently a lower management shithead, that's why I specified entry level IT as managing isn't a useful skill.

I earn about $50k a year currently and want to buy (own even) a house before I move to the US. I really have no idea where I want to go, but my requirements are; good size house and land (4 beds 2 cars), IT jobs available, no churchies, no gangster rapper wannabes, tits, within an hour drive of the beach (I can live without the beach), I think that is pretty much it.

It slipped my mind that the US isn't part of the commonwealth so I can't just move in and collect unemployment :( I know now I'll have to look for ways to become a citizen too.

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