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SubjectRe: Yep, still Project64 Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on05/25/10 02:15 PM

Oh I like accuracy too, to a point. It gets a bit much pointless and ridiculous if some of the better hardware on the market can't run the sucker respectably as yours can't at 50%. What I left off is that this thing is using an AMD Neo64 NV-20 chipset, it's no powerhouse, and that's why I was marveling it running so tightly.

I can only hope someone can find an airtight valid copy of 1.7 and get it out there to people. It's still in development, but too too slowly, so it's mostly like they're just trying to collect from suckers their $20.

> I've been trying out MESS's support for N64 and it's at about ~50% speed on my
> Q6600 @ 3.2ghz and there are some minor graphical glitches. However, given the
> work going into it, it will probably be the most accurate N64 emulator in a
> relatively short time unless another contender appears. But it seems like the
> fascination with N64 emulation has waned, so I doubt it.
> I also have to say that I have Project64 1.6 on my 1.2ghz Via C7-M/UniChrome II
> Pro GPU netbook. It's pretty crap, but amazingly does run Mario 64 playably.
> Project64 is a good emu, but I like accuracy over enhanced graphics so I'm still
> holding out hope that MESS's N64 emulation will one day be playable :-D
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