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SubjectRe: Damn shame. Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on05/29/10 06:31 PM

Oh no you're right. Up until the halfassed HLE method of things with UltraHLE no system on the market was being actively and fairly well pirated until that point. GBC came along shortly after but had been generally avoided, but it's like it opened a floodgate as there was no reason existing PCs or GB emulators could not have been easily adapted to the color and added mhz cpu and ram, and they were fast.

PSX emulation came along a good little bit later and the argument can be made it helped too, and it was done as the system was 'active' but Sony refused to let it die up until 2000 or so, much of a technicality really as it was toast. I recall getting pretty damn hot about it on IRC, part of a good reason I separated myself from those thieving assholes over N64 ROM piracy. I had like in #oldwarez been an op in the hot emulation channel #emu and another, and I started dropping the ban hammer like mad as did a few others. Eventually we all got popped so the pussies with no conscience could get away with it. I always had a rule not to do it to a system that is in general service and hasn't been already replaced by better gear. I still mostly stick to that, but I will if I can emulate it try before I buy because I learned all too well that demos are bullshit that tend not to well represent final product and I don't like getting hosed on a $30-50 buy since asswipe stores refuse to take returns.

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