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SubjectRe: Does Nintendo hate their Metroid fans? Reply to this message
Posted byParatech
Posted on06/04/10 10:14 PM

Samus isn't a brain dead bimbo, Jessica "Daisy Dork" Simpson is dumber than Crissy on Three's Company.

Ms. Simpsons age and bra size are both bigger than her IQ.

Why not get the tramp from Married with children, even Christina "Kelly Bundy" Applegate would be an improvement.

> Ok I had no problem with this until I saw her say the story was too complex and
> needs to go back to love and action...what love? And what's with a ghetto loud
> mouth metroid, and that moron Boll directing? I'm pretty sure this has to be
> bullshit as that's just a trifecta of problems. Simpson is hot and awesome
> curves which would be nice in the suit, but outside that the entire thing is
> just too much failure to be right. Nintendo had movie aspirations for more than
> Mario years ago but time and again said they're done with it after how bad that
> went.
> > Daisy Dork to play and help script Mteroid movie
> >
> > http://www.rumormiller.com/viewtopic.php?f=99&t=95
> >
> > Actress Jessica Simpson is rumored to have secured the role of Space Bounty
> > Hunter Samus Aran in a Hollywood version of a Nintendo game. In the game,
> > Metroid, the hero controls Samus on her goal to rid the world of energy
> sucking
> > beasts called Metroids. Think of it as a cross between Aliens and Dracula.
> >
> > Simpson is excited to restart her movie career and is reportedly taking part
> in
> > the selection of Samus' love interest. Simpson's publicists has also confirmed
> > that she will be contributing to the plot. "Ms Simpson feels the plot is too
> > complex and would like to move the plot closer to it's core story of love and
> > adventure.
> >
> > The movie, rumored to be directed by famed director Uwe Boll will feature a
> wise
> > cracking ethnic Metroid played by the fat kid from good burger.
> >
> > Ok does Nintendo want to top the Stupid Mario Bros Movie? Do they hate their
> > fans? Is this dumber than the Chun Li and Dead or Alive movies combined?
> >
> > I saw this on MAME World BTW.
> >
> > The new and improved King of Lamers 2003!
> >
> Billy Connolly - Statement of the Century
> "If women are so bloody perfect at multitasking, how come they can't have a
> headache and sex at the same time ?"

The new and improved King of Lamers 2003!

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