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SubjectDoesn't the military exchange have good deals? Reply to this message
Posted byCereal Killer
Posted on06/09/10 03:33 PM

I sneak on the Air Force base exchange in Fairfield with my Coast Gaurd friends. I know the iPad isn't in stock yet, but they carry a number of Macbooks. I need an iPad for testing, but I can't afford the goddamn thing either. Doesn't help that they seemed to open a strip club right behind the base either.

> I would run some variant of OSX if there fucking PC's weren't so expensive. I
> want to at least learn enough to help in my PC knowledge but there bottom of the
> barrel "new" computer (being the mac mini) still costs half a G just to own.
> > > I don't understand the amazement with everything good ole Steve talks about.
> >
> > I don't get it either... And I'm a Mac guy these days. It's just a fucking
> > phone that does some other stuff, but Jobs and his fanboys treat every product
> > coming out of that company like it's the Second Coming of Christ.
> >
> > > The iPhone was "somewhat" original... but it has since turned into nothing
> > new...
> > > ever... in fact they "stole" multi tasking from android or
> blackberry/whoever
> > > did it first, since that was a main selling point.
> >
> > Back in early 2006, my phone (running Windows Mobile 5) could multitask.
> > Frankly, I'm appalled that the iPhone OS didn't have that (and copy and paste,
> > and MMS messaging) from the start.
> >
> > > Apple is a bunch of overpriced shit that you can get some other thing to do
> > similar tasks usually
> > > cheaper (or at least with more functionality)... i just realized that I am
> > doing
> > > it again...
> >
> > Here's the thing: most of the tools that I use to do my job are *nix-based.
> > This leaves me with three choices: run them under Windows in either Cygwin or
> > VMWare; install Linux and put up with the shitty desktop experience (fuck
> > OpenOffice); run a Mac and be able to use all my software and have Microsoft
> > Office to boot.
> >
> > Believe me, I hate the zealots. Those people are assclowns and would buy a
> wet
> > turd if it had an Apple logo on it. But the OS is pretty slick and takes
> > advantage of the hardware in a way that Windows doesn't.
> >
> > Note: Windows 7 is pretty damn good. Nothing against it; I'd just rather run
> > OSX.
> >

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