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SubjectRe: Agreed... Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on06/10/10 04:31 PM

> PoP kept enough of the core elements that made the game fun (free-running,
> Sands, hot, yet loud-mouthed woman) with the "mandatory" hollywood formulaic
> predictable shit.
> All in all, a good action/adventure movie and a decent fan service.
> And I gotta agree with you about the first MK. To this day i look fondly towards
> that movie as one of the few game-to-movie conversions done well and fun.
> It's nice that we've seemed to get past the Uwe Bowl era of VG to movies, and
> the plots in VG are getting some attetion, but some of the adaptations that I've
> heard are on the way (Mass Effect, Gears of War) IMO are destined for epic
> failure. How do you adapt a 40+ hour game, with so much backstory, into a decent
> 2h flick? I smell shit floating.
> All work and no play makes me..., well, you know the rest.

I totally back this post short of agreeing w/knowing with PoP as I have not seen it, but understand it's fantastic for a game movie. Perhaps the fact is that when looking all the way back you get one excellent game movie a decade, then a decent one maybe two aside from that, and then the rest are all pure turds that should never have seen the light of day.

DOOM while odd was not terrible, just not fantastic. Super Mario Bros was goofy but it wasn't a pure pos either. PoP and MK1 movie were fantastic and raked it in, hell MK was for I think 6wk the #1 boxoffice movie amazingly enough. But getting beyond that stuff, I can't think of one game movie worth a crap at all, especially the need to smoke a (uwe) Boll to get anything of interest of it crap from that idiot.

Yes I am aware I left out the Resident Evil series as I'm uncertain how people gauge it. I do know the first one was pretty damn popular as was the second, but I think the next were hated as I can't remember a thing about them.

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