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SubjectRe: Anyone excited by what the saw at E3? Reply to this message
Posted byCereal Killer
Posted on06/18/10 12:19 PM

3DS I think is cool, but I'm not ready for a 3D trend for all gaming. People are still too poor to upgrade to new TVs and frankly I don't care about it to game

I liked what I saw with the Kinect hardware. But the games are fucking lame. That one where they were water rafting looked like the best one. All it would take is one hack and slash game. Same with the Sony dildo. It's like they only concentrated of the hardware thinking it's stand alone.

> My 2 cents:
> I am excited by the titles announced nearly across the board, however I have
> some serious questions on the general directions the console makers are taking.
> 3DS seems pretty neat, but I am concerned by the trend in 3D films which has
> been using the 3D as a gimmick for sales instead of actually something adding to
> the story. You could say this has been standard operations for the big N really
> since the cube, with just a tweak a gameplay warranting numerous rehashes, etc.
> The new Zelda sure looks a lot like the last two I played. Not a completely
> terrible thing, but it seems less progressive than say a Mature looking Zelda
> story.
> I have seen about a half-dozen 3D movies over the past couple of years, and
> honestly the only one that was worth the extra $$$ was "How to Train your
> Dragon" with "Journey to the Center of the Earth" being the next best movie to
> use the 3D in a great way, if not be all that great. I have high hopes for Toy
> Story 3. Maybe the 3DS will break new ground (ignoring Rad Racer on the NES),
> but it will be just that.
> Kinect seems totally DOA to me. It reminds me of Webcam games that I played
> decades ago where you bounced beachballs and stuff. You play with it for ten
> minutes, and then are ready for something else. And full body flailing for
> driving games? It's like they just stole the Eyetoy and made it more expensive.
> And they were basically promising the holodeck with this thing if you remember
> the demos, where people would scan stuff in, etc. It seems like a catchup
> effort, at best.
> Sony seems to be reverting even further, having just discovered the Wii
> apparently. Can anyone here say they look forward to playing gun games or motion
> games with multicolored lollipop controllers? How much do you play with your
> motion controllers now? At least GoW on Psp looks promising. But they have
> hardware that the Air Force clusters for crying out loud, this is the best they
> can come up with???
> It's like the industry has reached the end of the graphics arm race, so now they
> are going back to fill in the gaps with gameplay ideas that were already
> thoroughly explored, and basically discarded, a few years ago in hopes of
> picking up a casual audience who has lowered expectations. They thing that will
> bite them I think is cost. Wii was cheap for the same type of experience, they
> are not.
> What will next year's hot trend be, Voice Control ala Seaman on the Dreamcast?
> Maybe the power glove will make a comeback :)

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