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SubjectRe: So was it kinda like shooting a propane tank in GTA4? Reply to this message
Posted byCereal Killer
Posted on06/29/10 07:09 PM

From my perspective it blew. My instinct was to cover and I dropped and balled up. It almost knocked me back into the pool. This is a shot at the fence looking towards the yard.

Imagine me on the hill by that plant pot. My brother was inside calling 911 when it blew. The house shook like a bomb dropped, and my brother said I disappeared in a fire blast that engulfed the patio. If the oxygen tank would have been there and blown too I'd probably be crispy. Had I made it a few yards closer to the fence I would have been standing where the remainer of the tank landed.

Here's what was left of the cart it was on

Flaming pieces of the fence, and two garbage cans were blown to shit. Flaming debree flew all over the yard and on my roof.

After that the adrenalyn pumped so hard my ears hurt, and after we got the fire under control and realized I had a moment to breath I was sick. I had a bad panic attack, and I threw up. Then I had to put up with the fire department telling me I had to fix the fence or get fined by the city because I have a pool. After that I realized I had first degree burns on my hands and arms, I thanked what ever cosmic entity that saved my sorry ass. I was also thankful no one else got hurt, or lost their homes.

So I got to say, no it wasn't like a video game. No game is going to do that to you.

> cept you're actually scared for your life?
> Glad you're ok. stay away from your crazy neighbor's fires in the future!
> My Junk

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