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Subjectgot galaxy 2 and other m for wii Reply to this message
Posted byTerry Bogard
Posted on09/03/10 08:31 PM

Galaxy 2 was bought by my gf's sister, she hated it and passed it over :)

The game is good and solid, but despite what a lot of reviews say, it could've been called Super Mario Galaxy 1.1: the engine and gfx are exactly the same, and yoshi and a couple of new power ups are not enough to make for the lost originality. New Super Mario Bros Wii is 1000000 times better.

Metroid Other M really feels like Ninja Gaiden with a laser cannon :) Which doesn't mean it's bad - but man, it's the hardest game I've played on Wii. I died like 20 times trying to kill a stupid monster. Probably the controls could be more responsive, but the worst part is the story. Don't get me wrong, I do adore some background, but in this case Samus is depicted as a very fragile woman, which is not what you'd expect from a bounty hunter. But whatever.


SubjectRe: got galaxy 2 and other m for wii new Reply to this message
Posted byskydoune
Posted on09/04/10 00:17 AM

I think you just sold me to metroid now, I'll have to get my hands on that one... my wii is so dusty, haven't used it since new super mario bros wii. I guess I'll take a break from Bayonetta (over 45 hours in that one now) but then, there's spiderman, halo reach, nhl 11 and hawx 2 coming out soon, damn.

Oh and I heard they'll show the new spiderman on a building, a huge 9 stories high screen to play that game downtown since it was made in beenox studios here. I might go check that out.

SubjectRe: got galaxy 2 and other m for wii new Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on09/04/10 02:19 AM

I'm surprised anyone who really 'hate' Mario Galaxy 2 as it's probably the most perfect release for the system -- you got to hate mario to hate that one as it fixes the little beefs with the original. I'm glad you think SMBWii(6) is better but it bored the shit out of me, it felt like they just used a level editor and left the fun at the door so around Christmas I quit 1/2 into world4 and have yet to fire it up again - probably should.

I got to agree with you, it is 'Nintroid Gaiden' more than anything right down to the sly cutscenes and drama. The game is hard, probably one of the nastiest on the Wii, but it's not just so much by good design, but bad design. The camera you'll find in some kinds of areas will slosh a bit and get your ass slapped around some or having you blind fire off screen. Some creatures seem almost luck based on getting hits once you get into the icy domain. Also it can be a little sketchy transitioning from gun to missile, really needed another button for that to be used (perhaps b as a toggle.) Personally I'm kind of liking the story which is odd since Fusion sucked balls big time with way too much rambling and the3 hits and your dead bullshit unbalancing of the damages. It really unlike fusion is a part of the old line, it's like Super Metroid 4 as it really does pick up where 3 stop literally in the opener and sets up the back story to why she's usually so damn quite, reserved, brutal on aliens and herself. it works, and I do prefer the team up authorization to get your gear, far less lame than some big hit and then being gimped to nothing like previous adventures(all of em.)

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Subjectm's "thumbs down" cinematic new Reply to this message
Posted byjopezu
Posted on09/04/10 03:10 PM

is one of my favorite cutscenes ever. i'm still in sector 1, but so far, i think they've done a great job.

SubjectRe: got galaxy 2 and other m for wii new Reply to this message
Posted bySnowball 2
Posted on09/09/10 08:11 PM

I'm a Metroid whore so disregard most of what I say but I'm definitely liking the change of pace in Other M (outside of the retardo title). The Primes were getting boring and stiff. The puzzles were straight forward and the gameplay felt muddy. It felt like running around under water. The weirdo soundtrack was pretty beat too.

Other M is more action oriented and the gameplay and cut scenes flow in and out of each other without any seams. The soundtrack is far better than the goopy, moody stuff coming out of Prime. There are far more entertaining challenges and enemies around every corner making for some very intense action. It's like fighting a mini-boss every 15 minutes. Very cool, IMO.

I'm stearing clear of Galaxy 2. I don't feel like playing that same tired game. I hated the fucked up camera angles too. Fuck Galaxy. I want another entry in the Super Mario World series.


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