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SubjectSatsu. have you ever had the ribs at Rendevous? Reply to this message
Posted byCereal Killer
Posted on09/25/10 10:16 PM

I've never been out that way, but I did get some of their rub brought out here. I've been hickory smoking ribs with it I marinated over night. They are not without their charms. The rub made a nice bark that carmelized, and I got a nice smoke ring.
But I got to say this isn't really the best rub I ever used. Do folk out there also coat it with thier BBQ sauce, and is that what makes them so popular? Or do you think the take home rub just isn't the real deal?

SubjectNah, not really a ribs person. new Reply to this message
Posted bySatsuNoHiTo
Posted on10/03/10 00:57 AM

I fucking hate having to pick meat off shit and I haven't really had any good ribs, mostly just the sucky ribs my in-laws burn up that have more bone than meat. If I eat ribs then there better be lots of meat and it better be falling off the bone.

Anyway, the judge don't let me go to Memphis. Last time I was there I lit up enough crosses to burn down an entire 6 blocks of project housing. :\

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