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SubjectMy new Game : In The Walls of Eryx Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on11/18/10 08:24 PM

In The Walls of Eryx, is my brand new game, coded in Flash, and based on a short story by H.P Lovecraft.
It's a "find the exit" 2d maze type of game, but with a small twist, like the Walls of Eryx, you can't see the walls, however, in order to make the game playable, i added a "flash" feature, press a button and you can see the maze, for a second only, and to three times max, per level.
There's some cool weather effects i added, and despite the quite simple graphics, i'm pretty proud of the small effort i made. At least i finished something, from the start, planning and developing 32 mazes, plus designing the sprites, coding everything, come up with weather effects ideas, writing and recording the music, and all that.

The game is available for free at Kongregate, you can play it right here :


And i'm selling the OST, it's a full 7:30 minute ambient, acoustic piece, for the bargain price of a single USD! That's right, only a single buck for over 7 minutes of music. If you want to support the development of more games and helping out a guy doing something fun (games and music), this is the way to do it. It's not a great monetary value and i don't expect to get rich from it, it's simple a small symbolic version. You'll also get a 6 page PDF, with all my notes and designs while developing the game, hand-written and scanned by myself.

If you don't feel like spending a buck, that's completely fine, you can just play the game, full, with all 32 levels, right at Kongregate. Please rate high, if you liked it. And feel free to leave comments aswell. Bug reports and all that, are also pretty welcomed.

The OST :
I decided that the game needed a little "noir" feel, so i went with a old-movie kinda feeling towards it, and this reflected in the OST, i think. All the music was designed to be soothing and short pieces, that follows the narration of the original Lovecraft's story. I used mainly my acoustic guitar, a old Crafter FX-600EQ, mic'd with a Behringer condenser mic, and my LTD eletric guitar through a POD XT. All synths are freeware VSTs. I'm not a music writer myself, i'm mostly a player, but i felt the need to do something different, special and i think i accomplished just that, i feel that the OST is as good as the rest of the game. If not better.
The music was heavily inspired by the books of Lovecraft, most specifically, The Tomb and Other Stories, from which i took the Walls of Eryx, but a small part of the music was also inspired by his Houdini story, which is every bit as awesome as Eryx. If you want to read classic horror and sci-fi stories that book is a great way to get into the genre.
Most of the music is pretty slow paced, fingered, arpegiatted and strummed chords, with few percussion elements and more harmony support than leads, but some of the pieces, have the melodies in the tradicional lead part.
Track list is :
01. The Discovery - 1:09
02. Swampy Roads - 1:18
03. The (Silent) Fate of Mankind - 1:15
04. Light Rays and Watery Ripples - 1:06
05. Gloomy Despair - 1:33
06. The Realization - 1:09
Total Running Time : 7:29

Buy it Here :


This is also the very first time i'm selling music, so please be gentle with a virgin dude, ok ?

Orders are being processed manually (i have never done this before), so please allow some hours to get reply, because i need to sleep, ok?

Thanks in advance for your comments.