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SubjectRe: PlaneWrecker, can you explain this to me? Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on11/20/10 01:07 AM

> Exactly why do they want to examine airplane pilots penises? Exactly how does a
> terrorist use a penis to blow up a plane?
> They had a pilot on Fox news who refused to let them grope or take a picture of
> his penis. Obviously I don't understand national security, so maybe you could
> enlighten me?
> The new and improved King of Lamers 2003!
Hell I'm fucking sick of it, and unless I'm forced to by my wife or something I will not be flying again until someone puts a boot into the TSAs ass. It's a total violation of privacy as far as those body scanners go, and if you refuse that, they're allowed to basically sexually assault the hell out of you to make sure you are clean. I've read with women they feel up your entire breasts, either sex gets the crotch fully felt up, and they also run a hand up your ass crack to make sure you're not smuggling something other than dingleberries. It's fucking sick, and that dude who got tossed from the San Diego airport that made national news is right...if they weren't TSAs it would be felonious sexual assault, and the other is a constitutional violation of privacy. Fuck em. It's even worse they're treating the pilots like felons and terrorists too, I hope to hell the whole lot of them strike. I hate unions to the core, but I hope they get in on this shit and ground the entire damn nation until that shit is stopped.

Fact is with this new setup -- the terrorists have 100% won. Game over. All freedoms and rights are now denied pulling this shit, which is what they want, to take away our dignity (check), freedoms (check), and rights (check again) as american citizens.

Billy Connolly - Statement of the Century
"If women are so bloody perfect at multitasking, how come they can't have a headache and sex at the same time ?"

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