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SubjectOh, duh, btw invite only Reply to this message
Posted bySnowball 2
Posted on12/02/10 12:21 PM

So, yeah, PM Eon, me, jop, skydoune, or Plain Wrecka if you want in.


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*Retrogames Refugees facebook group (JOIN)  Snowball 212/02/10 12:18 PM
.*Send me the invite too. NT I'm just now getting on that there facebook  Death Knight12/11/10 09:23 AM
.*FacePoop (nwm)  RdW12/07/10 05:50 PM
.*I deactivated my FB...  Bryzian12/02/10 05:40 PM
..*Then come see our shit 0n0t  Snowball 212/04/10 01:36 AM
..Oh, duh, btw invite only  Snowball 212/02/10 12:21 PM
..*Invite Please :D  reptilezero12/21/10 05:13 PM
..*Send me an invite, pls! -nT-  itchyNADZ12/02/10 03:22 PM
...*check nuts -nt-  skydoune12/03/10 08:20 AM
....*nuts checked, everything is in place -nt-  itchyNADZ12/05/10 10:06 AM
.....*accept the invite to the group eh -nt-  skydoune12/10/10 06:56 AM
......*I did -nT-  itchyNADZ12/11/10 11:04 PM
.......*weird, looks like you're not in -nt- someone check this  skydoune12/12/10 06:01 PM
........*chk privates -nT-  itchyNADZ12/12/10 09:38 PM
.........*I know what your name is ;) -nt-  skydoune12/13/10 11:33 AM
..*pm sent -nt-  SilentAce12/02/10 01:55 PM
...*Check your PMs -n-t  Snowball 212/04/10 01:36 AM
....*done -nt-  SilentAce12/04/10 10:20 AM