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SubjectRe: F!@# F-Zero (SNES) Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on12/19/10 02:04 AM

You think that shit sucks? Try Mario Kart DS it's the most cheap fucking thing out of them in years and turned me off to the series. 50cc is fine, 100cc is decently up there, but 150cc holy shit. They keep you permanently in 2nd place, 1st place never changes and is always about 2sec ahead. Unlike in 100cc or less cars 3-8 do not attack player 1, they attack only YOU. That's right, 2sec behind, and 6 assholes fighting for second, not first. I'm done with mario kart probably because the GC game was sorta boring, the DS game cheats like a motherfucker, and the Wii game was forced badly made bikes and more cheapness too. Sucked the fun out of the game entirely.

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