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SubjectRe: F!@# F-Zero (SNES) Reply to this message
Posted byBryzian
Posted on12/19/10 10:35 AM

I have not had a problem completing the DS or GC versions of mario kart fully. In fact I think they were a bit too easy. Sorry to be the only one to think this but I really dont know what to say to those games being difficult. Maybe those who have trouble need to try new karts or a different method of kart control.

> You think that shit sucks? Try Mario Kart DS it's the most cheap fucking thing
> out of them in years and turned me off to the series. 50cc is fine, 100cc is
> decently up there, but 150cc holy shit. They keep you permanently in 2nd place,
> 1st place never changes and is always about 2sec ahead. Unlike in 100cc or less
> cars 3-8 do not attack player 1, they attack only YOU. That's right, 2sec
> behind, and 6 assholes fighting for second, not first. I'm done with mario kart
> probably because the GC game was sorta boring, the DS game cheats like a
> motherfucker, and the Wii game was forced badly made bikes and more cheapness
> too. Sucked the fun out of the game entirely.
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