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SubjectOk,i'll do it... Tron Thread. Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on12/21/10 06:33 PM

SPOILERS, don't read if you haven't seen the movie.
You have been warned.

So, has anyone seen this ?
Wait, is anyone here a Tron fan, in the first place ?

Well, i loved the first movie, and was pretty hyped to see the sequel.

Watched in 3D (no IMAX in my town, hopefully in 2011) and i was a little disappointed, i think the 3D didn't add that much, it does add loads of depth to the Grid scenes, but i felt that there was an untapped potential in there. Like every time someone dies and there was that splash of bits, i was wondering "why aren't they throwing the bits at us?"

However the end sequel on the portal, with the leaning over the audience Flynn was pretty cool

Olivia Wylde was PRETTY DARN hot, as usual. More so than in House, and more than in OC (although she DOES look pretty hot as a tattoed bi-sexual, gotta give her that).

Anyway, visuals :
Lightcycles battle : fan-f***ing-tastic. orgasmic. 3D, multi-level, transparent grid battles. Breath-taking.
Disc Battle : Awe-f**ing-some. 3D, multi-level, transparent arena. Kick-ass.

Music : Daft Punk, need i say more ?

Plot : Here lies the most weak link of the movie (just like the original), the introduction to the story was actually pretty good, and while it seems there's a game to bridge between the two movies, it is totally unnecessary. My main problems with it, are near the end.
Mostly, with Clu's motivation to get Flynn's disc and Quorra materializing into our world, i was totally sure that Sam was copying Quorra into the chip. But when you see her in the bike.. meh, how did that happen ? She did had Flynn's disc, so how the hell the laser knew her hot looks information ? Makes no sense.

Also, Clu's wanting to get into our world. First, how ? He is a program, how would he materialize into our world ? Or was he going to be a computer virus ? If that it's, than fine, but why did he needed an army ?
If he and army was going to materialize into our world, then how the hell would an army fit into Flynn's basement ? And since he knows nothing about our world, why is that a treat ? I'm pretty sure the US.Army can take care of a small light-shooting army.

Other than that, the plot is actually pretty good, it's "bio-digital jazz, man".
Although i can't help think the director want to nod the "dude" a little bit too much, Flynn wasn't so hippie in the first movie.

Anyway, go see it if you haven't, if for nothing, for a very hot body-suited olivia wilde, mmmkay ?

one can never destroy the power of evil

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