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SubjectIf you're not satisfied with the 0.74 release... Reply to this message
Posted byPr3tty F1y
Posted on01/21/11 08:37 PM

Try the 0.73 QT Build.

All you're really missing is the LLE of the ST-0010/0011 chips used in two games. Additionally, the 0.73 version uses the Gambette gameboy emulator for Super Gameboy emulation, instead of Byuu's newer/more incomplete bgameboy.

Any official builds released now are of Byuu's phoenix port which will be very cut down and include only the features necessary for accurate emulation and useful debugging for translation/hack teams.

However, BSNES is by far the best SNES emulator. ZSNES, SNES9x, and the handful of others don't hold a candle to it. It's the best SNES emulation you're going to get on the PC.

_ _ - - = = Pr3tty F1y = = - - _ _

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